Some iPhone 12 owners are finding their batteries draining fast while idle

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In context: The problem with the early adoption of technology is that you experience all the bugs and glitches that QA testing missed. The iPhone 12 has been out less than two months, but owners have encountered several issues with their devices. The latest involves batteries draining faster than expected.

The iPhone 12 appears to be exhibiting more wonky behavior. Several users have reported on the Apple Support forum that their batteries are rapidly draining even when idle. The problem was first brought to Apple's attention on October 25, but several users have piped in within the last few days that they are experiencing the same issue.

At first, the original poster thought it might have been due to an extra draw from the 5G modem. The user disabled mobile data usage but saw little to no difference at the idle discharge rate. Other posters have noticed similar rapid drain rates even with all apps closed and background app refresh turned off in settings.

One owner, whose iPhone was draining by 40 percent overnight, said that Apple conducted diagnostics on the phone and everything checked out, meaning that there were no detectable hardware failures. So it appears to be software-related, which is good news. The bad news is that Apple has not indicated that it knows what is causing the excessive discharge and has no timeline for a fix.

Apple's iPhone 12 has recently been struggling with several issues since its October 23 launch. Less than a month after release, owners began complaining about a "screen defect" that was causing a green or gray glow on what should otherwise be a dark or black screen. Apple said it was not faulty displays, but rather an iOS bug it intends to patch.

As recently as yesterday, thousands of iPhone 12 users have reported dropped 5G and LTE signals. As of this writing, Apple has not indicated that it knows what is causing the loss in cellular coverage.

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Nothing like owning and enjoying that up to $2000 (CAD) premium product that its user's swear by, but can't sustain a phone call or hold a charge.
All of this from a company with a market cap larger than the GDP of all but about 12 countries (considered individually) and tens of billions of cash on hand.