Sony: Blu-ray player sales short of expectations

By Mikael
Nov 21, 2008
  1. "Sony still believes standalone Blu-ray players will be one of the most popular consumer electronics sold this holiday shopping season, but said sales will not reach earlier expectations.

    Sony previously expected to sell 5 million units, with most of the number expected to be sold in the United States. The format is about 10 percent off what Sony executives and others thought they would be able to manage this year, with the cost of Blu-ray movies also causing the format to struggle."

    I'm surprised Sony actually admitted this, but maybe it's in an effort to help try and motivate consumers to get out there and spend money.

    I know a few people who planned on purchasing a Blu-ray player once the midrange models dropped below $250, but the sluggish economy has made them shift their monetary priorities around quite a bit.

    I already have a Blu-ray player, but wouldn't actually want to purchase one right now because bills are more important (for me, at least) instead of a new movie player.
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