Sony launching PlayMemories Online next week with 5GB of free storage

Shawn Knight

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Sony has announced that their media-sharing service will go live next week in six countries. Users in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US will have access to...

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Do people really care about their homemade media that much? if i take i pic or a vid, i just go home and transfer it to my PC. Do people really have a need for this every day?


ever since sony had those rootkits in CDs i've never trusted them with anything, i wont trust them with my private info too.


Yeah, Sony is always late to get in the game, late to hear their clients, late to get a clue... this is why their online gaming ventures fail horribly.
No, you do not want to trust these people with Anything sensitive, valuable, sentimental, or noteworthy. I would not let these guys borrow my toaster, let alone my videos and photos.
The muck up everything they touch.

Be wary.