Sony officially launches M.2 SSD support for PlayStation 5

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Highly anticipated: If you have been anxiously awaiting the ability to expand your PlayStation 5's storage, relax. You can do that now. The latest system software update brings highly anticipated M.2 SSD support and a slew of other quality of life features.

In June, we predicted that one of the features Sony was getting ready to unlock in its next big PS5 system software update was support for M.2 SSDs. That guess was confirmed when the console giant released the update to beta testers the following month.

On Wednesday, Sony officially released the update to all users. Fully updated PlayStation 5s will now accept compatible M.2 SSDs for expanded storage that is just as fast as Sony's proprietary drive. Installing a new SSD is relatively straightforward as a 30-second video posted to PlayStation's YouTube channel this morning shows. Sony also updated its support site with a more in-depth how-to video.

As to what makes for a compatible PS5 SSD, Sony listed the requirements (above) on a how-to support page. If that's a bit too much to understand, CNET compiled a shortlist of SSDs that it confirmed will work. The list includes:

High-speed SSD support is not all that the latest PS5 hardware provides.

Users will now be able to customize the Control Center UI. Previously, the interface was static with a set number of options. Now, users can hide Control Center items they never use and rearrange them to their preference. Other aspects of the UI have been enhanced, including Game Base, Game Library, and Home Screen.

Sony has tweaked the PlayStation Now app to allow players to choose between 1080p and 720p resolutions with some games. It added a connection test to troubleshoot streaming issues.

The update also brings 3D audio to built-in TV speakers. Previously, getting the PS5's spatial audio required a Pulse 3D or other compatible headset. Users who are more inclined to play games without headphones can now enjoy 3D audio from their TV. It also has an optimization to get the best experience.

"Players can measure the acoustics of their room using the microphone on their DualSense wireless controller to apply the 3D audio setting that's optimized for their room," said the release notes.

There are several more features included in the update as well. For full details, check out the PlayStation blog post covering them or watch Sony's video recap (above) for a brief rundown.

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Probably should've been there around launch...

But hey, now we finally have something to bug MS with to do better on their end :p

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I do find this an odd choice for storage upgrade - MS is not exactly consumer friendly on cost but not in a disparaging way can you see "console Gamers" replacing there SSD's it would have been better including a thunderbolt cable of something and sell external SSDs - although Technically that might not work well with all games but im not claiming to be an expert on that


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Waiting to see if MS will offer something more competitive than their seagate drive option for internal storage expansion.