Sony plans to bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC, including Days Gone


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Something to look forward to: Sony has been bringing an increasing number of its PlayStation exclusives to PC over the past few years, ranging from the fantastic Horizon Zero Dawn to David Cage's Detroit: Become Human. However, as the company promised in the past, it isn't stopping there: more exclusives will make the jump to PC, beginning with the post-apocalyptic survival title Days Gone.

This is big news for the PC audience because Sony's PC ports typically come with various enhancements that improve the experience. As a PC gamer first and foremost, I've avoided many PlayStation exclusives specifically because of the limitations of console hardware -- low resolutions, FPS limits, and hardcoded graphical settings, to name a few.

By bringing more of its games to the PC playerbase, Sony can eliminate these problems and appeal to a much wider audience filled with people just like myself; many of which might have never bought or experienced the games otherwise. It's both a smart business move and a great decision for consumers.

Sony CEO Jim Ryan explains the company's thinking as follows:

Particularly from the latter half of the PS4 cycle our studios made some wonderful, great games. There’s an opportunity to expose those great games to a wider audience and recognize the economics of game development, which are not always straightforward. The cost of making games goes up with each cycle, as the calibre of the IP has improved.

Well said, Jim.

As PC enthusiasts ourselves, we're always happy to see more great games arrive on our favorite platform, and we can't wait to see what other titles Sony plans to bring to PC. As we said earlier, a Days Gone PC port is in the works, but other possibilities are still up in the air.

If we were to take a wild guess, we'd say the original Last of Us is another solid candidate for a port. It's beautiful, and it can only get more so if PC players can crank up the settings. It's also the sort of game that could benefit from higher framerates and more precise aiming, particularly during more intense firefights.

Are there any PlayStation games you'd like to see ported to PC above others? If so, let us know in the comments.

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If only I could get an AMD cpu and gpu to upgrade my ancient intel and nvidia parts....

Because in the end, PC gaming is the real winner.


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If only I could get an AMD cpu and gpu to upgrade my ancient intel and nvidia parts....

Because in the end, PC gaming is the real winner.

Don't know where you from but in UK it's really easy to get a 5600X or 5800X, not so easy with RX6000 though


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Can only be good; for gamers (better choice) and Sony (more reach), as long as they take the time.

One of the main things I see MS doing right, where Sony needs to catch up.


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MS and Sony bringing this calibre of titles to the PC is something I thought I'd never see.
Thank you.

Is the hidden gem going to be games coming late, but finished???


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Seems like a good strategy for older content. Why keep it locked in a vault for only Sony consoles when you could generate potentially a few more million sales? Nintendo has a similar strategy, but they just release the same games over and over again for their next console, with hardly any upgrades. Somehow, I just don't think that Sony would get by with that. Honestly, I wish Nintendo would do what Sony is doing here but they have no reason too when they can sell another 10M copies of the same game on their next system.


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Bloodborne at 60fps on pc. is. all. I. care. about.
Optimization would be the issue overall. Hopefully when and if they go this route they will get better and better at porting to PC. Overall games that are ported from consoles have always had issues in translation. I would hope with the newer consoles and PC like architecture it will get easier and easier to port. I think this is a great move by Sony. Most people pit Sony against Microsoft and vice versa, yes they both want profits, but it is beneficial to all gamers that there is competition. PC gamers spend a lot of money building their rigs. While they technically have the largest selection of games, they do lack some exclusives that people would love to play.


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If only I could get an AMD cpu and gpu to upgrade my ancient intel and nvidia parts....

Because in the end, PC gaming is the real winner.

Seems only reliable way is to buy PC with a new GPU as they use a separate supply chain and more available.


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Yay! Ratchet & Clank games are the most appealing to me. Spider-Man would be nice story focused game and Bloodborne something for the action audience. I'm quite sure I'd buy them all, I already bought Detroit: Become Human which is a pretty good cinematic game - the graphics are marvellous in this one. It's funny that PS4 has gotten so many graphically advanced games, when the actual hardware is not that well up to the task as of today. If PC versions of these games are going to get graphical upgrades, I hope the latest consoles get the enhancements as well.

Definitely wise to offer the games again on PC and on the latest consoles. It would be sad if the hard work of the developers on these creations would be soon forgotten when PS4 eventually gets too old.


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Considering all the supply problems with the PS5? Yeah, very smart move IMHO to start releasing on the PC. It might be the only volume platform the can for the foreseeable future.