Sony reportedly in talks to sell its Vaio PC division

  1. Sony is looking to offload its loss-making Vaio personal computer business. According to Japanese news service Nikkei, the company is in talks with investment fund Japan Industrial Partners to negotiate a possible deal, which is estimated at 40 to 50...

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  2. GhostRyder

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    Ah the Sony Vaio, I recently actually got my Dad one of those on sale for a decent price. The laptops are not bad but they are normally overpriced for what your getting and that has been my biggest issue with them. This is a random example I pulled up on newegg of 2 laptops one from Sony and from Lenovo which is one of the reasons I tend to avoid their laptop lines. The price difference always seemed to lean with the Vaio being more expensive than any equivalent laptop. Those may not have been the best examples but it was just 2 machines similar in specs that I found on newegg to show a price difference.

    They make some good laptops, but there are others I normally pick before them except when on sale which in the case of a recent laptop it was a better deal.

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