Sony sound bar (HTCT260) and optical through TV or Xbox One

By Zilliak
Mar 6, 2014
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  1. Should I plug in my sound bar optically through the xbox one or tv? I have heard that using optical through tv especially with off brand for example insignia that the sound quality is downgraded and converted to just stereo. Is this true and should I just go optically through xbox one?
  2. GhostRyder

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    Its really going to depend on your T.V and how good it is in all honesty. Since you said Insignia, which is BB house brand they normally do a decent job (I have one for instance) so I would try it first through your T.V. and make sure to go to menu setting and match your sound bars specs (IE surround sound settings). It should sound just fine through it, but if you think it sounds bad, try the Xbox ONE after that.
  3. Zilliak

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    Lol, well I'm looking for an understanding of how audio is encoded/decoded through the TV from other sources to the sound bar. I have heard that TV essentially downgrade audio quality to just stereo where as a direct connect ensures the best quality sound? Can anyone confirm this? For example Sound bar directly to Xbox one through optical and connect the TV box to the one as well so that all audio is handled by on the one and sound bar vs cutting through the TV?
  4. GhostRyder

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    It really depends on how you are connecting to get the sound. At my home I have my Sony Sound bar hooked in through the HDMI on it and since it has three inputs, all my devices go through it which means the sound is direct quality.

    My parents for instance have their system hooked up through a stereo with 5.1 Surround through the Optical port on the T.V with the brand being a Westinghouse T.V. Now like that, when I first plugged it in the quality was not that great, however I changed the settings in the system and got it to be Digital 5.1 surround. Most T.V.'s do convert it down to Stereo mostly for the Integrated Speakers on the T.V.'s (which no matter what the brand is, the speakers on the T.V. are junk) but so long as your T.V. is hooked up HDMI and you make sure the quality settings are correct your fine. There may be some off brand T.V.'s that do what you said which is convert because of poor quality parts, but with an Insignia, there should be decent quality with yours as is mine.

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