Sony Vaio boot issue

By Salt
Oct 12, 2010
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  1. So my Sony Vaio, running Xp Home, won't boot anymore. Just comes to a black window right after pushing the power button... And list like computer specs. No options. Can't press any buttons or anything. I tried ctrl+alt+del just for shits and giggles, and the computer re-boots, and does the same thing. Cant do anything... But that proves the keyboard works. haha. Thanks is advance for your responses guys!
  2. Salt

    Salt TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 43

    Here's the window that pops up when I turn on the computer. No bios or anything available...

    | Diskette drive B : None----------------------Parallel Port(s) : 378
    | Pri. Master Disk : 160041mb, UDMA 5-----DRAM Type : DDR SDRAM
    | Pri. Slave Disk : 61492mb, UDMA 5-------SPD On Module(s) : Yes
    | Sec. Master Disk : CD-ROM, UDMA 2
    | Sec. Slave Disk : CD-ROM, UDMA 2

    PCI device listing. . . . .
    Bus No.-Device No.-Func No.-Vendor ID -Device ID--Device Class----------------------IRQ
    0-----------2---------------0------------0006----------2562--------Display Controller---------------11
    0-----------29-------------0------------0006----------24C2--------Serial bus controller------------11
    0-----------29-------------1------------0006----------24C4--------Serial bus controller-------------3
    0-----------29-------------2------------0006----------24C7--------Serial bus controller------------12
    0-----------29-------------7------------0006----------24CD-------Serial bus controller------------9
    0-----------31-------------1------------0006----------24CB-------IDE Controller---------------------14/15
    0-----------31-------------5------------0006----------24C5--------Multimedia device---------------10
    0-----------31-------------6------------0006----------24C6--------Simple COMM, controller----10
    1-----------13-------------0-----------10EC----------8139---------Network controller---------------5
    1-----------14-------------0-----------1033-----------00F2---------Serial bus controller-----------12

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