Sony Vaio NR series WiFi problem

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Okay, so I have here before me a Sony Vaio NR series laptop.
It has a large problem: The WiFi Doesn't work properly.

For some odd reason, when you start it up in safe mode, the WiFi works perfectly.
When you start it up normally, you see the WiFi light comes on and it connects to one of the preferred networks like it's supposed to, until about a minute later, it turns off the WiFi light and disconnects from the network, and will not find any networks. When you click "Diagnose why windows cannot find any wireless networks" it says "The Wireless Capability is turned off" or something like that and says I should turn on the wireless switch. However, the wireless switch, is already on.
I can flip it as much as I want, it does nothing. The light will not turn on again until I restart it, only to have it do the same thing over again.

I know it's not a hardware problem, cause it works in safe mode just fine. So why doesn't it work in windows when it's started normally?
Help would be much appreciated, I'm pretty close to just reloading the operating system.

EDIT: I have uninstalled and reloaded the updated driver software for the wireless LAN card... no luck.


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You also need to indicate more about your system specs to get any idea of the problem, like: What operating system and its release level? What is the make/model of the wifi card?
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