Sony Xperia SmartWatch connects to your Android handset

By Jos · 5 replies
Apr 12, 2012
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  1. Have you ever wanted a watch that can connect with your smartphone so you can read text messages, social updates, and control music without the hassle of having to dig…

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  2. I just got my Sony Ericsson Live smart watch for $35, recommended by your tech deals :)
  3. Id rather get this one : Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch

    looks better 1/100th of the price plus its epaper so no glare !!
  4. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 610

    uhh yeah, by the looks of it (especially the actual look of it) that pebble one smacks this thing out of the ballpark. i've made the mistake of investing in first generation technology one too many times though, so i'll wait and pay a little more to see what the real world users think in a year (and probably pay less).
  5. I agree that the Pebble has a more appealing design, but 1/100th of the price? WTF? The Sony is $150 and the Pebble's going for $115/$125 right now. That's more like 5/6ths. I haven't seen too many Pebbles that are on sale for a buck-fifty.
  6. Aatif

    Aatif TS Rookie

    How did you get it for only $35 when it costs around $150?

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