Sound card issues/monitor question

By GNS1310
Sep 23, 2010
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  1. Monitor works fine, but when I first start up my new computer the monitor will go through the signals and not come on right away. It will try to find the HDMI signal, then switch to analog, then to digital, and then come on. Never had this issue with any other computer I've had hooked up to this monitor. Any quick fixes for this?

    I popped in an older sound card (SB Audigy2 Z5) and although the sound works, its not great. Can't get to the mixer or EQ or any of that. Can't get the drivers etc to install correctly. I saw on another board that older sound cards and newer MoBos/Win7 (Creative cards/Asus boards/Win7 specifically) had compatibility issues. Any quick fixes for this or should I be shopping for a new sound card? (and can anyone recommend a decent one?)

    I'm running Logitech surround speakers. (5 speakers/1sub)

  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 930   +33

    have you tried installing or uninstalling the specific HDMI driver for your ati / nvidia / realtek card?
  3. tjohnusa

    tjohnusa TS Rookie

    Some monitors allow you to specify input via the menu....please supply modell and make of the monitor along with video card type. In regards to the soundcard it sounds like a new card would ne in order...does the onboard audio sound better than the soundblaster?

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