Space-based reality show will send the winner to the ISS in 2023

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In brief: A US-based production company is planning to host a reality show in which the winner will receive the most lucrative prize in reality show history - a 10-day trip to the International Space Station.

According to Deadline, a production company called Space Hero Inc. has been formed to create an unscripted reality show titled Space Hero. Contestants with a love for space exploration will compete against like-minded individuals for the opportunity to visit the International Space Station for 10 days.

Show viewers will vote on the contestant they want to see sent into space. The show will then chronicle the winner’s launch, their stay at the ISS and their return to Earth.

This isn’t the first time a reality show has been conceived with the goal of sending contestants into space. Several years ago, a non-profit called Mars One was created with the idea of sending hopefuls on a trip to Mars but the whole thing ended up being a giant scam, according to at least one applicant.

The difference between this and the Mars One competition is that, this is actually possible and has been done before. Space Hero isn’t promising something that isn’t possible with today’s technology. Plenty of people have been to the ISS, even some private visitors. It’s not cheap, mind you, but it is possible.

A seat on a craft that’ll take you to the ISS is estimated to run anywhere between $50 million and $90 million depending on which vehicle you opt for.

The winner is expected to blast off to the ISS in 2023.

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Considering reality shows usually attract the worst chronic attention seekers, I feel most sorry for the astronauts who live & work up there:-

"We're sad to report the death of the hottest new 2020 celebrity today widely believed to be the new Kim Kardashian in the making. The winner of the competition for a 10-day ISS trip was in the airlock making a Tik-Tok dance video when a Cosmonaut from the Russian Space Agency accidentally fell on the depressurization switch"

"Clumsy me"
, said Big Ivan. "It was complete accident. It not happen again. But no more celebrities come up now for 'safety', yes?"

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I think most people, upon hearing the briefing on how you take a dump in space, will probably back out (excuse the pun) pretty quickly ...... #2 in a bag can't be very appealing ..... LOL


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The bag is the least of your worries. The toilets are somewhat twitchy with regards to butt position - get it right and it's fine; misaligned a touch and it's a horror not worth thinking about.

A detailed report, on what NASA is doing to improve the fairly ancient toilet system they current use, can be read here: