Specific Media buys Myspace for $35 million from News Corp.


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Specific Media, a digital media company, has announced it has acquired Myspace, previously called MySpace but now stylized as My_____, from News Corporation. As part of the agreement, News Corporation…

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I don't even understand why you would spend 35 million on it.

Julio Franco

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It's a big bet but myspace still receives a ton of traffic (for now) even though it's plummeting at an accelerated pace.


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News corp. is what killed it in the first place, no one trusts a company that owns fox news.


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Myspace needs to go away! No one uses it anymore except music artist and spammers, honestly, everyone went to facebook so they can have all there data stolen at a much faster rate!


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News Corp. owns a lot more than just Fox News. In fact, I'd wager that News Corp owns some nutjob liberal thing somewhere, too.