Speech to Text to Speech software? (STTTS)

Is there a way to convert speech to text back to speech again? As in record all mic input, convert to text and read it out again in a custom voice like google translate does but all in realtime? If this is broken down into steps and multiple programs need to be used that is fine. If these programs do this automatically, that is exactly what I'm looking for. A way to convert my voice to a digitally untraceable voice using STTTS, and a way to do it withotu any extra button presses. Currently I use the built in windows Stereo Mix to use the Voice - Text on google translate and just play the text back through the Stereo Mix and use it as a microphone but this is very impractical. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!
I can already use Google Docs or Google Translate to type for me using my voice, but could not find a program to read text from those sites in realtime. Maybe this is a possible route if anyone knows software that can read text out loud that appears on a specific window on screen? I tried using Windows Narrator but it is not designed to read from a single online document in this way.