Speedrunner completes Super Mario Bros. in new world record time

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One of the most iconic video games of all-time is still managing to capture headlines and attract players nearly 30 years after it was first launched. A speedrunner by the name of "Blubber" has managed to beat the game in a new world record time of 4:57:69, narrowly edging out the previous record and becoming the first to beat the game in under 4:58 in this manner.

It's worth pointing out that, unlike some other speedsruns you've probably seen on the Internet, this is an all-natural run (to an extent). While the author did use an emulator (Original NTSC NES Release emulated on FCEUX 2.2.1), it wasn't a tool-assisted run so there are no cheats, replays, slow-motion or other tricks used.

The runner does exploit some glitches but these are all part of the game that can be performed on original hardware / software. Many of these glitches, like making contact with enemies and not taking damage, using a Bullet Bill to skip a castle walk animation scene and not climbing a vine to a warp zone, are well-known in the speedrun community.

Some will no doubt argue that an emulator run shouldn't be considered for a world record but it's impressive nevertheless.

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Wow.. I don't know what's more impressive... making so many perfectly timed jumps in a row, or practicing long enough to make so many perfectly timed jumps in a row.


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My best time of 4 years and 58 days on the same level has very similar figures to this guy's time of 4 minutes and 57 seconds. :)