Spotify breaks 1 million subscriber mark


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Spotify has announced it has passed the 1 million subscriber mark, making it the biggest paid music service in the world. The company also noted that its members are sharing some 200 million playlists and that it reached 1 million users almost two years ago.

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So is that 1Million PAYING subscribers?. I paid for a few months but cancelled and my account reverted to spotify free. I can still listen to lal the same music theres just some adverts in between and I can't listen if my Internet is down. Its just £5 A month for add free unlimited music and £10 if you want to get spotify in your phone and listen to cached music when you have no internets.

Most my freinds are on free unlimited Spotify (invite only, I gave away 4 invite codes)

If you sign up got free today you have further restrictions like a max number of songs you can listen to in a month, just subscribe for 1 month @£5 and cancel and you get unlimited +2 invite codes to flog on ebay/ give to freinds easy!