Spotify launches AI-powered DJ to take recommendations to a whole new level

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In a nutshell: Spotify has introduced an artificial intelligence-powered DJ designed to take personalization to a whole new level. The company describes its new DJ as a personalized AI guide that knows you and your music taste so well, it can decide what to play for you. The AI sifts through your playback history, cherry-picks what it thinks you will like best and mixes it with the latest music in a bid to win you over.

Tying it all together is custom commentary between tracks about what you are listening to and why you might like it. Think of it like an actual DJ on the radio, but with a more personal touch.

Spotify went in-house for the DJ, partnering with its own Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier "X" Jernigan, to create the first voice model. Jernigan served as one of the hosts of Spotify's first morning show and developed a loyal following.

The tech behind the DJ came from Sonantic, the London-based voice AI startup that Spotify acquired in June 2022. You may recall that Sonantic helped actor Val Kilmer create a voice profile following a treatment for throat cancer that altered his speaking voice.

The DJ's commentary is quite lifelike and might even be unsettling for some users, but Spotify said it would continue to iterate and innovate on it as it does with all of its products. OpenAI is used to gather facts about the tunes you are listening to.

Spotify's AI-powered DJ is rolling out now in beta for Premium subscribers in the US and Canada. To give it a spin, simply head to the Music Feed on Home in the Spotify mobile app and tap the DJ card.

To serve up something different, hit the DJ button on the bottom right of the screen to automatically load a different mood, artist or genre. The more you interact with the DJ by sharing what you do and do not like, the better its recommendations will get.

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It's rubbish, we might also end up with music that sounds a bit like the music I like ; but more muddy and generic but AI generated with very good returns for spotify.


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Have you ever listened to radio or Amazon?
The same music day in day out. Even with the no repeat guarantee the next day the same play list.

The station option on amazon can give you stuff you haven't listened to before, but choosing any band their most recent pop song comes up.

I know 2 songs by Pearl Jam the pop songs and that's where I realise I know nothing about them and that's how I feel about radio and these apps it's by people who know nothing about music and the bands they play, they just know pop culture and that's fecking awful to listen to let alone one a daily fricking basis


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The only thing that would cure pop music is for there to be a ban on repeating a lyric more than once per song.