Spotify saw £16.66 million loss in 2009, ahead of US launch


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Spotify, a DRM-based music service that allows unlimited streaming of content from a multitude of major and independent record labels, is struggling to make ends meet. Spotify Limited, the UK-based branch of Spotify that runs its music-streaming service throughout Europe, has reported its financial accounts for 2009, and things don't look good, according to Music Ally.

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I see one problem in that article...DRM. That's the main reason I'd stay away. I have a bunch of sites bookmarked that offer DRM free music at great prices in the genres of music that I listen to. They are the only ones to get my business!


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It aint a bad idea Spotify...But then again, i've only used it once. If there's a track thats good enough to be heard more than once, people just buy them don't they. Like £1 or just go pirate for some people.

£16,660,000?..Someones obviously having their pants pulled down for that kind of cash to be involved...Jeez..

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