Spotify teams with FC Barcelona to become the club's main sponsor, stadium renamed 'Spotify...


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In brief: FC Barcelona signed a deal with Spotify, making the audio streaming platform the club's main sponsor and official audio streaming partner starting July 2022. The partnership resulted in the change of Barcelona stadium's name, now called Spotify Camp Nou.

The FC Barcelona stadium kept its name unchanged for 65 years, but Spotify sponsorship was apparently enough to consider a rebranding. Barcelona's board of directors have already agreed on the new name. Still, it has to be approved by the extraordinary delegate members assembly before it can be set in stone. The decisive meeting is scheduled for April 3.

Starting in the 2022/23 season and for the next four seasons, the Spotify logo will appear on men's and women's equipment. In addition, Spotify will also use the stadium's promotional surfaces to advertise artists to its physical and TV audiences.

"From July, our collaboration will offer a global stage to artists, players and fans at the newly-branded Spotify Camp Nou," said Alex Norström, the chief freemium business officer at Spotify. "We have always used our marketing investment to amplify artists and this partnership will take this approach to a new scale."

The deal between Spotify and Barcelona is reportedly worth $310 million, or over $77.5 million a year. Compared with other sponsorship deals made with European clubs, it seems the most profitable by yearly earnings. However, considering we're talking about a club as famous as FC Barcelona, it's pretty reasonable.

FC Barcelona's anthem is already available to listen to through Spotify. Moreover, the club created a profile that fans can follow to keep themselves updated about its playlists and music.

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Personally I hate seeing corporate names on places like this. However, this partnership kind of makes sense if Spotify plans on sponsoring a lot of concerts at the stadium, too.


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The club's in such a desperate situation, I guess they'd rename it to "just another stadium" if there was some money to be made out of it. Years of insane transfers, huge salaries, some bad management and Covid restrictions have really left a mark.