Sprint: HTC EVO 4G breaks one-day sales record

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Update (6/9/2010): Sprint's first-day sales of the HTC EVO 4G were good, but apparently not quite as good as the carrier initially led us to believe. The company just issued a correction stating that sales were actually "in line with" the number of Instincts and Pres sold over their first three days on the market combined, not three times higher. No explanation was given for the over-estimation other than admitting that they erred in the comparison.

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There are so many smart phones and packages out now, it's near impossible to make an educated decision on them as all you can find is the hype generated by the phone companies promoting their own product.

Does anyone know of a good, non-biased website that provides comparisons and ratings?


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I've read a lot of good things about this phone. Although as TomSEA says, it could all be BS Hype. But either way it sounds like an incredible phone. If I weren't on a company mandated BlackBerry I would get this in a heartbeat.
The only problem is the TOTAL LACK of 4G available in the US. only about 30 cities. Most of them small cities and not major ones. By the time Sprint really gets 4G up and running throughout their entire network. This phone will be an "EXSTINCT EVO"! Sprints 4G network is less available than AT&T's 3G network. There are going to be a LOT of PISSED off Sprint customers when they realized they won't be getting 4G for YEARS to come!


If Sprint didn't have such absolutely terrible customer service and actually had decent reception in and around my neighborhood, I'd consider switching for that phone. Wish US Cellular decided to get some of these phones. *******es.



You are just jealous. I don't need 4G, but I haven't upgraded in 6 years either. The EVO fits my needs just fine without the 4G. Stop being a hater.
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