Sprint re-invests in Clearwire, will offer LTE Advanced in 2013


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Sprint Nextel has extended their partnership with Clearwire in a deal valued at $1.6 billion over the next four years. Sprint will gain better wholesale pricing on WiMax and access…

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How much money does sprint have in its pocket? They spent 15 billion on the iphone, a few billion in the process of upgrading their own networks, and now they are dropping 1.6 more on Clearwire? Either it's really going to work out for them, or it's really not.


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This is good news to us Sprint customers, but until I see a list of what cities will see faster speeds I'm not getting too excited. I live in milwaukee with no 4G coverage and 3G coverage that yields around 200kpbs on average. Chicago's 4G is around 3500 kbps, while Verizon's Milwaukee 4G is about 6500 kbps.

So get on it Sprint... i know there are only 1 million people in my little town, but we'll all be signing with Verizon when our contracts are up.


Didn't actually an official list of when Milwaukee is going to get coverage, but we are in the first round. Look at the rollout plans. We are the 6th largest nonWimax metro area. We should be able to get an LTE phone by the 4th quarter of 2012. We should have LTE before the phones are available. they probably won't be able to receive Clear LTE, just Sprint LTE.