Square Enix to sell PS4, 3DS versions of 'Dragon Quest XI' together as a bundle

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It’s not uncommon to find your favorite game available across several platforms. Such diversity is appreciated as it widens the field of potential buyers but if you own multiple gaming systems, how do you know which platform to buy a particular game for?

Square Enix is eliminating that decision-making process for some gamers in Japan.

When Dragon Quest XI launches on July 29, Square Enix will reportedly offer a special edition retail bundle that’ll include a version of the game for Nintendo’s 3DS as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4.

According to Polygon, it’ll be sold exclusively through a handful of local retailers and will carry a price tag of around $135. Each game will come encased in a “fake” book cover, both of which will be bundled in a larger box featuring a photo of a sword.

Between the two consoles, buyers will have several different visual styles to select from while playing.

On the PS4, there’s a high-resolution mode and a fully 3D game mode. The 3DS, meanwhile, will have a low-resolution version as well as a mode that features throwback, pixelated graphics. You can see how the various modes compare and contrast in the trailer above.

The obvious benefit of having two game modes is the ability to play at home and on the go. A Nintendo Switch version would accomplish the same goal although Square Enix hasn’t yet said when it plans to launch the game for the Switch.

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That is pretty cool. Since you are paying for a license to play the game, why not just do away with a platform specific copy and let people play how they want.