Steam weekend sale: Portal is free, many others discounted

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In celebration of Steam for Mac's launch, Valve has slashed prices on various titles compatible with both Windows and OS X. We've already mentioned a few of these deals in a post earlier this week, but to recap: Portal is free (no strings attached) until May 24, Torchlight is $9.99 (50% off), Steam Play Indie Pack is $19.99 (71% off), the Telltale Steam Play Pack is $29.99 (57% off), and Quantz is $3 (70% off).

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hello ...

cool, just bought myself a portal to some fun, for only Zer0 $ LOL ;) ...

now i need to get my PC back on foot to run games ...



IMHO Portal is one of Valve's best games and showcases some of the most innovative gameplay to date. If this deal gets slept on, it will be a real shame.


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I see a fair few more people have joined the techspot Steam Group. I play Unreal 3 , TF2 BFBC2, AvP, and all the over games in my games list. give me a shout if u wanna play something. On topic. This is great. Tho I bough portal allready not realising it was part of the Orange Box, (silly me ) so bought TF2 seperatly as well ending up costing double the pricce of Orange box.

Anyone thats not tried steam out for whatever reason should defo join just for this! Not all the games need meaty machines either ( tho it helps) you can pick up some really cheap games dating back over 10 years old that will work on any PC,
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