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Stock FX-8320 with high temperatures

By veLa ยท 15 replies
May 23, 2014
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  1. So I've been monitoring my computer's temperatures and I must admit I'm not happy with what I've seen. After gaming, my FX-8320 has been reaching temperatures above the 62C max recommendation that AMD has in place. The highest I've seen so far is 79C, which is just outrageously high. I'm running my FX-8320 at completely stock speeds with the stock fan, on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 rev 4.0 motherboard.

    Now as of writing this thread, I have already ordered a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, as my research suggest that this is a very capable fan for an FX-8xxx series processor at stock speeds (and maybe even a modest overclock as well). I actually intended to get this cooler earlier in my system's life but I've been lazy and frugal and figured that the stock fan would be fine for stock speeds. I also figured my spacious Antec case, with a ton of fans at max speed would've been enough.

    Anyway, what shocked me is that when I built this system I kept a very close eye on temperatures during gaming and I never would exceed 59C under load, and idled around 32C. Now quite a while down the line, the same cooler can hardly keep the processor below 70C under load, but when the machine is idle I get really low temperatures, so low it's at 16C at some points. I've included a screenshot of both these situations.

    So, frankly put, what the hell is going on here? My idle temperatures are better than ever but my load temperatures are worse than ever? Could I have an inaccurate sensor on my processor? As precautionary measure I already cleaned out all of the dust filters in my Antec 1100 "Illusion" case (photo also included). I also opened that puppy up and blew as much dust out as I could off of the components, so it's not real dusty in there anymore. The heatsink/fan combo was properly secured, so it doesn't seem to have become improperly seated over this time. Despite this, I haven't seen an improvement in temperatures.

    Any assistance in figuring out what the deal is here would be greatly appreciated.

    My specs are as follows:

    AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz Vishera
    Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 rev 4.0
    G.Skill Sniper 16GB DDR3-1866 RAM
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 2GB WindForce
    Western Digital Black 2TB SATA-III HDD
    Antec 1100 Illusion case
    Antec HCG 850W PSU
    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
    5 x 120mm Antec fans
    200mm Antec fan

    Attached Files:

  2. skline00

    skline00 TS Member Posts: 22   +9

    Have you cleaned the actual cpu cooler? If it has as much dust as your filter does, that could really affect the efficiency of the cooler. I have both a 8320 in a build and a 8350 and I use AIO water coolers such as Corsair H80 or H100.
    The CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO is a very good air cooler. Take your time mounting it and be sure to use quality thermal paste.
  3. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,481   +975

    I dont really understand why it is giving you a max and min temp, but if I am not mistaken, the value is what you should be looking at. 62C seems like a normal gaming temperature. I would try using a program like RealTemp and report back on what it states the temperatures as just to make sure! The Hyper 212 is still a great buy even if temps are normal after all since it will allow you to slightly OC your CPU (I would research levels that people have gotten to with the 212 and your CPU before attempting).

    As for the cooler, the Hyper 212 Evo is a great choice. AMD CPUs, especially the newer ones are known to get hot because AMD has cranked up the voltages in order to higher the speeds (trying to fight Intel). 80C isnt horrible, but it could reduce the life of the CPU, so getting the temps down to something like 70C or even 60C is ideal. If the 212 doesnt meet your needs, try some closed loop water coolers from Corsair, they are a bit pricey but get the job done well.

    The thermal paste they provide isnt bad, but you may get 2-5 degrees less with higher quality thermal paste like Arctic Silver 5, but that is not a huge issue IMO for now.

    I hope this helps!

  4. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,415   +145

    Technically maximum temperature is 62C, max socket temp is 72C, and it will begin throttling at about 70C.

    Surprised that gaming pushes your temperatures so high. Depending on your ambients, something is wrong and I think you need to remount.
    BMAN61 likes this.
  5. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 843   +278

    Yes I have. It actually wasn't very dusty as all and was properly secured. If I had any extra thermal compound I would've reattached it on the spot but unfortunately I don't have any extra right now and I kind of live in the boonies so it would be like a 45 minute drive to go get some.

    So I've heard. I'm sure it'll be exactly what I need. The reduced life span is mainly what I'm worried about since the heat hasn't affected my in game performance at all. My old AMD Athlon Thunderbird is still with me, so is my Duron, and my Athlon 64 Venice, and my Athlon 64 X2 Brisbane after that. I'd be really bummed out if my FX burnt out and was my first loss of an AMD chip.

    Trust me my socket temp is definitely going above 72C as well. I actually just turned off Turbo mode in case that boost in frequency was a possible source of this heat. If this makes a significant change to my overall temperatures I'll report back in. I'm actually not sure if it's properly throttling because AMD OverDrive was showing me running around ~3700MHz constantly, although CPU-Z showed me dipping down to ~1400MHz range.

    My ambient system temperatures seem to be around 26C when idle and up to 32C under load, which is fairly cool in my opinion. If I had any extra thermal compound I would remount, but like I said earlier I don't. My buddy who lives in the same apartment complex actually wanted to lend me a Zalman (not sure what model, but it's a big boy) but he was also out of thermal paste as well and we thought it might just a better idea to wait for my Hyper 212 Evo shipment.

    EDIT: Disabling Turbo mode has stopped me from going over 70C under load, although I'm still hitting relatively high temps of 60-66C.
    Last edited: May 23, 2014
  6. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,481   +975

    Are you sure you are looking at the right reading? I don't think the Max 79C reading is what you should be looking, but instead, the first "Value" tab.
  7. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 843   +278

    I'm looking at the current value, and the minimum and maximum values as well. After 5 or so minutes of Crysis 3 the current value was fluctuating between 60-66C, which was a small improvement over what I was getting with Turbo enabled.

    Boy am I looking forward to getting that new cooler...
  8. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,481   +975

    60-66C isnt bad at all. It just isnt cool. That is normal for a stock cooler. But yeah, it is great to get a stock cooler. You feel much more at ease.
  9. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 843   +278

    It's just a shame that it worked way better when I first got it. My best friend has an identical computer and his stock cooler keeps it below 60C at all times.
    Last edited: May 24, 2014
  10. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,481   +975

    The thermal paste may be wearing down. I would wait till the 212 Evo comes and put it in place and do a Google search about what temperature people with the same CPU are receiving. If yours are different VERY different (I say very because variables like better case cooling should be accounted for), the sensors are probably messed up. I would try that "Sensor Test" in RealTemp. I have never tried it so I dont know if it works. There is a similar thread about this issue on Toms.
  11. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 843   +278

    Yo guys, just reporting back in. I got my Hyper 212 Evo today. The thermal compound on the stock cooler was just awful when I pulled it off. I didn't want to use the included thermal compound with the new cooler so I went ahead and left for Fry's and picked up some Antec Formula 7 Nano Diamond since it's my preferred brand. So far at stock speeds I've yet to see my temperatures exceed 42C, which was during Metro Last Light. In a week or two I'll probably try to overclock my FX-8320 up to FX-8350 speeds of 4GHz. Thanks for the replies.

    EDIT: I went ahead and overclocked early. Running my FX-8320 @ 4.0GHz stock voltage. Ran prime95 while I worked out and the hottest it got was 43C. I might have to push it higher soon.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2014
  12. JagonEye

    JagonEye TS Rookie

    Dude the same thing is happening with me.I have stopped playing AC untiy in fear of frying my cpu.Now today I noticed my max temp hitting 71 degrees even at low settings while playing Crysis 3.What the hell is wrong I don't know.And btw mine is black edition 8320 with gtx750 ti.Need to find a solution to this problem!
  13. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 921   +11

    JagonEye, a new thread would be good, but since u gave no spicfics, go get some new thermal paste and apply to the CPU and see if this helps.
  14. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 843   +278

    It's simply the stock cooler being a piece of crap. You'll want to get a new cooler. If your case can fit it I recommend the one I got, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo.
  15. avenger09123

    avenger09123 TS Rookie

    Hi, I know I am resurrecting a dead thread here, but here's what I have discovered. The AMD Fan that comes already mounted to the CPU is pushing air INTO the CPU rather than using induction and pulling air from its edges through the CPU. I got my fan and noticed the same thing, it was hitting 62-65*C. So was the MOBO. The Powersupply was getting so hot it was shutting off randomly and restarting despite having two case fans pulling 65cfm a piece running full bore. I flipped the stock fan around so it pulls rather than pushes air, put some rubber spacers in where the screws go in to lift it off a little bit, and viola! I rarely hit above 52*C. But that damn thing is noisy as ****. I am putting a 70-120mm adapter onto it and putting in a big 76cfm case fan to handle the cooling now. The stock cpu doesn't have a very large heatsink, but it seems to get the job done at the very least until I can order a bigger CPU Heatsink.
  16. evoblade

    evoblade TS Rookie

    Thats how heatsink-fans (HSFs) work. They draw air from the case in general and force it over the fins. Fans blow on things, they can't reliably draw air over something unless it is carefully ducted in a pull configuration.

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