Strange motherboard/cpu problem

By dave654678
Jan 17, 2009
  1. old cpu works, new cpus dont

    i spent 3 weeks trying to figure out why my motherboard wasnt working when i put in my new AMD 2352 barcelona

    only to find out it booted up when i put in my old cpu

    when i have the quad core in
    there is no board power
    fans dont spin no light on the motherboard
    what the hell is wrong with it??

    i put my old cpu and it all works fine
    (i havent tested the second amd 2352 i got, in case i **** it up or something
    sack it, im gonna test it noW.)

    anyone have any ideAS?!?

    what could cause this??
  2. dave654678

    dave654678 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    NEITHER of my AMD opTERoNS work
    except the old one does

    ZERO power to motherboard, no light flashes on
    i put in old cpu, it asks me for CMOS settings

    WHat could cause this???
    old bios???
    not enough poweR?? surely nothing would work if there wasnt enough power but the gfx card fan spins on
    or at least the light would be on
    but nothing
    is it possible i got two faulty chips?
    the motherboard is a H8DAE-2 <<
  3. mica3speedy

    mica3speedy TS Rookie Posts: 89

    Here's a list of things you can do to trouble shoot:

    1. first check to see if your motherboard can take your new quad core cpu
    2. If if does, with you old cpu installed, update the bios to the newest version. Then put in the new cpu.

    Edit, after looking up your board (it is the supermicro correct?) it looks like it takes the opteron 2000 socket F series cpus.
  4. dave654678

    dave654678 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    very funny this
    here's the chain of events with my pc

    spilled wine all over the cpu but it still worked
    got new cpus, the socket was filled with gunk
    installed and it didnt work
    cleaned the cpu socket with a toothbrush and acetone
    still didnt work
    took my mobo out lookin for the bulging capacitors
    i was 2 millimeters away from buying a new motherboard
    after 2 weeks of inspection and fiddling i for some reason decided to put my old cpu back in, it worked
    so then i thought i had a faulty cpu, then i tried both and i thought they were both faulty and thought may i dischaged static

    then i installed/updated the new bios
    everything worked fine CHEEEEEEERS BTW
    LOL what a waste of four weeks.

    funny thing is, i assumed due to the fact i was gonna get the motherboard with quad cores that they'd have updated the bios for me

    tvery funny,that's all i gotta say
    shame though, home premium vista 64bit doesnt support 2 cpus so i ended up having to buy vista ultimate anyway
    so how ever many weeks wasted and 220 down all is well
    cheers btw

    (and i didnt have a floppy disk drive i bought one, cos i was freaking out about booting from cd, only to buy a floppy disk drive that wasnt bootable and was usb (im an *****). what a LOT of wasted time and effort.

    (funny thing is, when i had xp back in the day i remember flashing the bios to accept a HD over 32gigs why i never thought of it i'll never know)

    thanks again anyways
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