Streets of Rage fan?

By Benny26
Jun 5, 2011
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  1. There's an amazing fan game that's been released called Streets of Rage Remake V5.


    But this isn't any ordinary fan game: it's taken the creators, Bomberlink, a whopping 8 years to get it here. It's basically one huge tribute to the original Sega classics, with all the enemies, playable characters, and stages from the originals, plus all the original music tracks have been remixed. The game also has some new content from the Bomber team, but nothing that takes the game's original core feel away. Also, the game comes with a seperate program called SOR Maker: this is a program that lets you create your own Streets of Rage stages, lets you place enemies, create a story with cutscenes, and a hell of a lot more!

    Around 20 extra fans contributed to the game with art, sprites, and the music remix.

    Here's some stats:

    Some screen shots:

    Adam's back! ^^^^

    When the game was released, Sega got into a flap straight away with Bombergames (Bomber has always stated "The game is FREEWARE and not to be paid for"). Although Sega were fine with the V4 Beta version that was previously released by Bombergames a few years back, and the fact that Bombergames sought permission from Sega about the development of the full V5 version, when V5 was released, it was a different story. Most people say it's probably due to the quality of V5 why they did this...It just blows other fan games out of the water.

    Luckily though, the game had been avaiable for download for 8 days before Bombergames were forced to drop the link, so it's more than available through torrent sites or sites like Mediafire.

    Trust me, if you loved Streets of Rage, or just even like beat'em ups, type "Streets of Rage Remake V5" in Google, find it, download it and try it! You won't be disappointed! It's a PC game (200mb download folder, approx). It will certainly work on Windows 7 and XP, I'm not too sure about other OS's.

    If you want to know more about the game or ask any questions...You can visit the website (Bombergames SorR Project) or the website forum (SORR Forums).

    This really is one heck of a good game! :)

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