Stuck with windows classic login

By MentalCase
Apr 12, 2009
  1. So I've spent all day searching online for a solution to this problem and I've found a bunch... But none of them worked for me for some reason.

    I got hit today with a couple viruses, but managed to clean them all out(I think). Only real damage I've noticed is that 2 of my games aren't working so I need to reinstall, and the other is really just driving me insane.

    My computer seems to be stuck with the classic login screen. I don't like it. I prefer the XP Welcome screen. I've checked and unchecked and rechecked the boxes in the User Accounts settings, I've fiddled with the winlogin registry(yes, I know fiddle isn't a word you want to hear when talking about registry files) but no matter what, it keeps coming back with the classic login. Weird thing is all my shutdown UIs are still displaying like the XP Welcome screen style.

    If anyone has any idea how to fix this PLEASE help me!
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    Well you've made me a mental case to! Why! Because you said:
    And since that doesn't give us a clue to WHAT you tried and WHAT failed, so here's some generic help:

    How to change the logon window and the shutdown preferences in Windows XP:

    Make Windows XP Use a Custom Theme for the Classic Logon Screen:

    Change the Logon Window and the Shutdown Preferences in Windows XP :

    If this is the ONLY problem you're having, it's probably not malware. But if "nothing" works, consider that possibility.
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    Sorry about the lack of info and super delayed response.

    It was indeed a virus... It seems like Win32 virus. Lost everything. New problem now. Going to start a new thread for it. Thanks guys
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