Suddenly cant get to bios with GPU on

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Feb 1, 2018
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  1. Hello everyone,

    I use a GTX 670 which worked fine probably till last windows update. Since then I cant enter the BIOS and windows, the pc just runs Linux immediately. The GPU works or the fan works for it, the monitor diod just flashes till the linux pops up. Before I thought its connected with the windows update but today I checked the pc with the integrated GPU and everything just works fine. When the PC run good and I can access windows the gpu works fine, it dosent crash or something. Also I detect it in linux and work on it. I have no idea whats the cause, I even checked another monitor but it didnt change. Restarting bios didnt help too and unpluging HDD and SDD also...

    Ill add that the GPU is plugged fine, it works at the start but the screen is black till linux pops up.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Sounds like you are right about the update - and I am guessing it messed up your GPU driver. DDU (available as a download on this site) can remove every trace of your old drivers. Then you can see if the standard Windows drivers will let you at least get back into windows. Then I hope you can get current WHLQ drivers from nVidia and see if that works.
  3. titans

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    But can it mess it so bad that I cant enter bios and even see my bootloader?
  4. holdum323

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    Hi. I have not had any problems with Windows updates, but some do. I don't know why. As @Cycloid Torus has suggested see if you can get updated drivers from NVIDIA . Let us know how things go.
    If you think Windows updates has caused your problem, and want to roll back Windows updates, give this a look .
  5. Cycloid Torus

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    Lets consider the problem:
    - no windows boot with card in
    - linux boots and system works with card in
    - windows boots with card out by using IGP and system works
    I hope I deciphered your description of the problem accurately.

    Sounds like the system has operating integrity (all of it works with Linux plus card or IGP with either Windows or Linux), so the problem is narrowed to the card and Windows in combination. All the possibilities are:
    - deeply messed up drivers (thinking about it, could include chipset drivers involved with audio as this can related to audio capacities of modern GPUs)
    - deeply nasty malware, like a miner gone wrong

    Easiest done is to boot using IGP and then running DDU.
    Check motherboard manual for steps to install a GPU card.

    Alternative could be to create a 'rescue disk' (boot in Linux) and boot that to check your system for malware.
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