Suggestion regarding HDD Router

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I have my eyes on this. The poor reviews you see for this model are due to the exceedingly crappy Linksys firmware that was available at launch. The newer firmware is in a much better shape and rev 1.1 is officially supported by DD-WRT.

If you tend to be happy with stock firmware as long as it's not broken, this is much cheaper and offers about the same functionality as the WRT160N. Be warned though that it's based on an Aetheros wireless chipset and if history is anything to go by the chances of getting 3rd party firmware anytime in the future are EXTREMELY slim.


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This device is a variation on the NAS; Network Attached Storage (not a router).

These are neat in that all systems on the lan can use it (with proper security settings).

HOWEVER; it is a Wireless device and not a wired connection!

Any interruption of the connection could easily lead to file or even whole HDD corruption. I would stick with a wired NAS device.
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