Surge in Cyberpunk 2077 sales give CD Projekt Red its second-best year ever


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In brief: CD Projekt Red hasn't released a non-mobile game since 2020, yet last year was the second most-successful in the company's history. It recorded an increase in revenue and net profit, much of which was due to an uptick in Cyberpunk 2077 sales, while operating costs fell.

CD Projekt Red's latest financial results show that it brought in $222 million in revenue last year, up from the $207 million it made the previous year. Net profit was also up year-on-year, jumping 66% from $49 million in 2021 to $81 million in 2022. An 18% fall in operating costs also helped the company's bottom line.

Much of the company's good fortune last year resulted from increased Cyberpunk 2077 sales. The next-gen update in February 2022 helped its popularity, but the game's big resurgence followed the debut of Netflix's Cyberpunk: Edgerunners series. As it did with The Witcher, Netflix's brilliant anime resulted in a surge in sales for CDPR's game.

Last year's boost still didn't match the initial sales Cyberpunk 2077 enjoyed at release. Despite the many problems it experienced at launch, the game sold 13 million copies in ten days. As of September 2022, the total number of units sold was over 20 million worldwide. It faced plenty of criticism for the many bugs and performance issues, but updates have made the current Cyberpunk 2077 a lot closer to the game we were expecting in 2020.

"The popularity of the series (Edgerunners) and the positive reception of the update, released a week before the premiere, had a notable effect on Cyberpunk sales and general sentiment around the game, as evidenced by gamers' reviews. This is a clear sign that deeper involvement in our franchises and expanding their reach is the right way to go," said CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski.

CD Projekt Red added that it would reveal more information about the first (and only) massive story DLC for Cyberpunk 2077, Phantom Liberty, in a dedicated showcase this June ahead of its release sometime later this year.

CD Projekt Red has also restarted development of its Witcher spin-off Project Sirius, a spin-off developed by the company's The Molasses Flood studio. There are plans to make several more Witcher games as well as a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077. Check out all the details of those titles here.

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I 'm not going to lie, I found Cyberpuck to be a real turd of a game.

I may go back at some point but probably after my next GPU upgrade because the it's stupid demanding.


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I got the game for like $13 way after it launched, the game was in good condition considering how bad it was at launch. Overall, it was pretty good, but I felt like it should've been longer.


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Gonna pick this up on the next steam sale, partly because of John Wick, partly because I wanted it anyway, and partly because its been long enough they should've fixed most of the issues by now


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This game is awesome, didn't have much interest in it after I bought it.
But something kept tugging me towards it again.
So I finally sat down and started to play.
Now I'm hooked.
Be warned, even set on the easiest mode, this game has some very, very tough bosses.
Also check out Nexus web sight for some really good add-on mods

kira setsu

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Was an alright game, it should've been a third person camera though, why have all that character customization and then not show the character?

also whoever thought it was smart to not use a navline while driving should be yelled at, it isn't like the game cant do it because a quest chain actually uses one, you spend most of the time driving staring at that map in the corner and the game has one of trickiest city layouts in gaming.


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Meh. All the raytracing goodies in the world won't fix the missing content, cut features, or cardboard static world. Still passing on it.


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There's a Netflix Witcher anime? I tried watching the live action but it was horrendous. Is the anime actually good?

CP2077 I've read such mixed reviews on, I've watched a little gameplay and it really didn't look that interesting, especially in light of the ridiculous previews and "critic" reviews praising mechanics that were simply not even in the game, making one wonder if reviewers even actually play the games they review or just repeat marketing they've been given by the companies.

Jerry in WA

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I look forward to more Cyberpunk. It's an ambitious/unique game that has room for improvement but much of what's there is already quite good. Let's not rush the next phase out before it's fully cooked though.


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Sometimes over-hype helps .... the company. Seems to me like almost always. Hence, the marketing hype.

I fell for it too. I bought it while on 50% off sale. And I deeply regret following the hype. I'm a bigger sucker than those suckers I previously chastised on.

It's a so-so game. Nothing groundbreaking or exceptional.

And I'm not the person who goes goo-goo-ga-ga over any hollywood actors in games. And I don't buy games because they are in it.