Survey for cord shortening device project

  1. Hi guys and and gals,

    I am doing a project for my PLTW Engineering Design and Development course; my project is aimed at designing and creating a cord shortening device for computer applications. I have a brief survey (10 multiple choice questions) that will provide my team with useful feedback for our project. If you would be willing to spend three minutes answering those questions, I would much appreciate it! I will be collecting survey data from now until next Monday at about this time. If you guys are interested in the outcome of this project, I would be happy to share how it turns out when we are done (it will be a couple months from now).

    Thank you,
  2. cliffordcooley

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    I'm sorry but if I was to spend money on shortening cords, I'd simply get shorter cords. This product doesn't really sound gimmicky, just unnecessary. Especially when it is cautioned against winding them up because of EMI (aka: crosstalk interference).

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