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Svchhost.exe help

By plaitne ยท 5 replies
Sep 1, 2008
  1. Hi there and first of sorry for my bad english.
    My story is kinda sad .. :D
    I got no idea how long that thing was sitting in my box but now its like a month or so since the first BSOD apeared and then series of them ... Y took my pc to 'experts' to repair and they sayd it was a motherboard ... so y changed that and it worked for a week or so , and then crash after crash again ... Checked all my hardware , nothing ... Used warious skanning tools ... System misbehaviour apeared files disapearing registery crapping up omg ... An today - y found a god danm problem that so caled experts didnt even noticed TROJAN
    Probably just wasted money on new motherboard ...
    So that proces is already stopped y just need some guidance to remove all of its contents as fast as posible . Y do hope non of my personal info leaked to wide wide internet ... uh ... And y still wonder how on earth my kasperski mist that torjan too ? Maby its a new version of trojan ? Anyways until y reinstaled my realy weard behaving IE and rebooted only then kasperki went like mad blocking access to my hdd and ram ... My pc was rabed in big time . Ym running pc scan again and again because every time y reboot and scan again y still find bunch of trojans sitting in system restore information\ restore ... y am newby in computer world and cant realy defend from such hijackings ...
    Anyone could help with ist removal ? Y cant find where its located on my own .... Or if someone need it to be ziped and uploaded somewhere let me know :)
    thank you
  2. trickyt

    trickyt TS Rookie

    Installing a new hard drive is proabably going to be faster and cheaper than trying to fix the old one. I always find a fresh install of windows gives a reasonably certain outcome compared to days spent trying to remove an ingrained virus with no certainty of success. A new hard drive will be cheaper than going to the repair shop.
  3. plaitne

    plaitne TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for reply ,
    Y have already changed motherboard and y got thousands of documents in my HDD :) windows reinstal would be a disaster ... althou its posible to recover data , but y dont want to give up on this ! Y got a laptop at the moment but ym afraid to copy all that data cuz y might infect it aswell . As y sayd even proos for some reason mist that trojan .... Ym so glad y found that thing in my pc and ym not gonna let it go that easy!
  4. trickyt

    trickyt TS Rookie

    Recovering Data

    Before you plug in and install a new hard drive, unplug the PC and remove the old hard drive.

    When you have installed the brand new hard drive, added service packs 2 and 3, installed Free AVG antivirus and Free Microsoft Windows Defender, install all your usual programs, then install the FREE Microssoft SteadyState.

    You can't always prevent problems during a user session, but now you can undo the whole session. Learn how Windows SteadyState can return your computer and hard disk to its exact condition before the user touched it, simply by rebooting.

    Then, and only then, switch off and attach your OLD infected drive the the spare connector.

    When you reboot the old drive should appear as the D: drive. If not try changing the drive connectors around, or setting the jumper to "Slave" or adjusting your BIOS Boot settings (Hit F1, F2 or DEL on boot).

    You can now copy your files from the old drive (D:\). Only copy what you need from the old documents folder. Don't copy potentially infected files such as music or pictures from dodgy sources.
  5. plaitne

    plaitne TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thnx for the help y will give it a go ! But at moment y want to deal with it as it is . Y Have realy expencive apps on my hdd but no longer y hold cd and licence keys that y could reinstal them ... Without them y would litteraly loose my job ...
    At moment my kaspersky 2009 deleted them all and pc is running smoothely , so far ... But y havent connected pc to internet yet because y still seeing multiple proccesses of svhost.exe and rundll32.exe . Will try to find out what they do .
    to be continued ... :)
  6. plaitne

    plaitne TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Mkey then ... New hdd ...
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