Svchost.exe CPU hog

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Aug 30, 2009
  1. Help!

    a svchost.exe is consuming all available memory on my machine. Details:

    -Windows XP Home Edition, SP3
    -Just reformatted the hard drive, reinstalled everything, ran all the windows updates.
    -Comodo Internet Security 3.11

    I ran the 8 steps on this computer a month or so ago, and couldn't resolve the svchost.exe issue, so I reformatted. Problem is back. I did fresh installs of all my software, and partitioned my hard drive so all data files are on a separate partition from the OS and program files.

    Not sure what other details I need to provide, but I really need some step-by-step troubleshooting guidance. It's pretty frustrating to spend a weekend rebuilding this thing to continue to have the same problem.


    Just installed Advanced Task Manager. Looks like the culprit might be "HP Network Devices Support". I have 2 HP devices, a printer and a scanner. Scanner is hardwired to PC, printer is on network, not hardwired to PC.

    3 HP programs in Add/Remove Programs window:
    -HP Photo & Imaging 2.2-Scanjet 3970 Series
    -HP Imaging Device Functions 9.0
    -HP Photosmart Printer Software

    Are any of these the cause of my problem?
  2. Husky44

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    screwed up and put edit in the quick reply window...sorry
  3. bsupriyo82

    bsupriyo82 TS Rookie

    hmmm , thats a real headache. Hope some1 here will help ya out
  4. Zyldar

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    I've heard of issues with some HP Director (used for communicating to your all-in-ones for scanning etc...) or HP Services causing your issue. run MSCONFIG and click on the SERVICES tab. Check the box to HIDE all Microsoft Services. Uncheck the HP or Hewlett Packard entries and click OK. You'll have to reboot afterwards. If the problem contiunues, then run MSCONFIG again. Check all the items you previously unchecked and try a different one.

    This may help as well. Download Process Explorer from Sysinternals.
    (its probably like advanced task manager)
    You should be able to identify which service or program ID is causing SVCHost to hang up.

    The purpose of the HP background programs or services could be to determine ink levels or determine if the Scan button is pushed on the printer. You probably won't need it running to have full use of your printers.

    I suggest using MSConfig as a tool to enable/disable startup programs and services in this case. You'll be able to easily re-activate good programs without re-installing everything.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Husky44

    Husky44 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    Thanks. I'll give it a shot, but it'll have to wait until Friday, b/c I'm in Houston, and the offending machine is at home in Alaska.
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