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SwiftKey 3 for Android released, $1.99 today only

By Jos · 7 replies
Jun 21, 2012
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  1. SwiftKey, the popular third-party keyboard application for Android is getting a major update today, along with a limited-time 50% discount to celebrate the launch. Billed as "the most accurate and complete auto-correction and prediction available on any smartphone or tablet,"…

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  2. albertjkruger

    albertjkruger TS Member Posts: 18

    Can anyone who has used this, tell me what makes it better than the standard Android keyboard?

    I'm on my first Android phone (HTC Desire S) and I cannot find anything wrong with the standard keyboard.
  3. I have the 2nd version, all it does it make typing quicker
    mode 1: speed typeing, corrects more words
    mode 2: slow and accurate typing, give more suggestions

    really only thing I noticed lol
    will be on file crop in no time
  4. Recycle

    Recycle TS Rookie Posts: 53

    It has the best spell correction I've ever seen, which works for my style of typing (bash in the general directions of the right keys and hope for the best). Obviously if you're careful with your typing, that doesn't help a whole lot. But it definitely speeds up my typing, so that's a plus with me.
  5. I have swiftkey 2 and love it, the only complaint that I have ever have was the small space bar and it not being able to predictivly correct the space. It is well worth $4 and at $2 I can't pass it up.
  6. gcarter

    gcarter TS Enthusiast Posts: 75   +20

    :facepalm: did you even watch the youtube clip? For the lazy amongst you, it dramatically speeds up your typing, no matter how sloppy your text entry is, and gives far more accurate suggestions than the default keyboard...
  7. Not in my experience. I downloaded Swiftkey X and now Swiftkey 3. NEITHER of them worked properly on my razr maxx. Neither would predict words or even CORRECT them. I believe you have to buy the full version to get text prediction in this version but to not even correct my mistakes is a joke.
  8. techf1end

    techf1end TS Rookie

    ive noticed I dont make near as many mistakes with version 3 vs android keyboard. also I seem to type fast enough that the android keyboard lags sometimes were v3 doesnt

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