Swiss railway operator says Apple stole their clock design

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Apple may soon find themselves in yet another courtroom battle if they aren't able to resolve a dispute regarding their use of a new feature in iOS 6. Swiss railway operator SBB says Apple stole the look of their iconic...

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this is what copying is !! they fight for a rectangle patten but carbon copy other ppl!

btw I love the Braun article
he iPhone?s calculator app is a clear tribute to the 1977 Braun ET44
this is how you justify copying you just need to say its a tribute.. Samsung should use this for the Galaxy Tab lawsuit!! LOL


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Actually they will loose, why? Well this is Swiss Clock Type, there are hundreds upon hundreds of the same design Clocks. This clock design has been practiced many times over the century.

That said Apples also sues for BS reasons so I hope that the Rail Company wins. Taste ya' own medicine Fapple.


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If the company were in a trolling mood, they would sue apple to the end, but who doesn't want easy money?

Apple most likely will pay the licensing fee.

I would go for xx USD per unit sold until now


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See its okay for Apple to use inspiration from everyday items, and not get permission. But try to imitate an ******* product you get sued in to oblivion...
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Double standards are for the birds. You SUCK, Apple. More money than God, and you have to get on Samsung about rounded corners? Ridiculous. Then you pull this crap!

I just bought my LAST Apple product!


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So much for Apple's unparalleled creativity. If all of their copying is this clear-cut, I'm sure we'll be seeing a major influx of patent lawsuits against Apple coming up. And I think I speak for everyone when I say not a tear will be shed if Apple lost every one of them.
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This is real ****...Clocks are damn identical in looks..
So are phone , rectangles, TV's, computers, ect but when you piss ppl off trying to gain cotrol of the shape of a phone THAT ALL LOOK THE SAME FOR YEARS. they set the path for this kind of lawsuit they cant expect nobody will follow on the same path


Apple innovate once again. Forget copying a copyright Swiss design, they've made the innovation of making a clock an extra app. MS will no doubt try to do this by removing the clock in the taskbar and forcing us to download a clock widget, and then get sued for copying Apple.

What a wonderful world.

I just saw the US patent office has surrended - they're going online and asking the public to do their job for them re prior art. What a joke they are.

The whole system is fcuked.


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Where are the lawyers from Braun? They need to sue, too. Clearly, Apple routinely steals all kinds of others' function-suggested designs. Terrible! Unconscionable! And so forth.

ha ha ha They're the ones who opened the Pandora's box of lawsuits over obvious functional designs. What, they thought other companies wouldn't join the party they started themselves?

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Guest above, the main point here has nothing to do with the clock itself per say. The main issue is Apple claims that they have invented certain technologies which they have never even invented in the first place, and everyone else copied them after supposedly.

What is Apple really? A Recipe Company:


Cany anyone say "Apple Karma". No matter how much I may or may not like apple products, I feel that Apple deserves this and other lawsuits coming their way. They've reached a new low when they started so many frivolous lawsuits, especially against tiny companies that are trying to grow.


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Lol this is just comical.

Well, if apple is gonna make a big deal out this and that, I suppose its only fair for the other companies to do the same.


This is the fact of apple: they even can't design their own clock.. what a laughstock