System infected please help

By jules1586
Apr 22, 2008
  1. My computer is infected with a bunch of crap. I keep getting pop ups saying i have a virus abebot, one with security warning, and another pop up saying i need to update my spyware and it tries to send me to pc antispyware. I have run spybot and my mcafee lots of times and nothing has worked. When i ran spybot it had detected stuff from smitfraud and something that starts with a v and has supposedly removed it but i dont know. if anyone can help i'd appreciate it. thanks!
  2. roxbury

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    Maybe some help

    Abebot, or Abebot Trojan, is a nasty Internet Hijacker that directly or indirectly promotes rogue antispyware products. Abebot will cause your computer to perform sluggishly or even lead to a complete crash, which makes you believe that the computer is affected by spyware so you would purchase their products. The system Alert message usually states that your have a virus, trojan, or simply stating that your computer is running slow.

    Manual Removal Instructions:

    This specific problem can sometimes be fixed by resetting your Internet Explorer setting. Here’s how you do it –>

    (Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>Reset)

    If this does not work, try Spyhunter Detection software to scan your machine, which is free to scan. The scan result will tell you exactly what the infected files are. At that point, you can search this website using our search option in the upper right corner, and you will get the specific removal instructions for that particular spyware.

    Or download program to remove it here: hxxp://
    Change hxxp with http!!!

    Be sure to back up your data first. Good luck!

    It support 1
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    It requires Malwarebytes scans, then using ComboFix to finish off the rest, not simply resetting internet zones and using spyhunter
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