System lockup SBS&D Win 7?

By ragne2
Nov 20, 2010
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  1. This morning i restarted my pc and it came to the windows 7 logo, then it went to a black screen so spy-bot search and destroy (SBS&D) could do a boot time scan.

    I saw that it wanted to do this scan but i didn't want it to take place, therefore while it was in the middle of scanning, i hit the restart button on the front of my case.

    When it restarted it still wanted to do a scan with spybot search and destroy. i let it scan for approximately 10 minutes before i decided to just turn the PC off again by hitting the OFF switch on the front of my case. After i hit the off switch i sat in my chair for about 10 minutes day dreaming before turning it back on.

    This time i turned it on and it didn't want to do a scan of any sort, it just went directly into windows, and i was able to use windows.

    When i went into windows there seemed to be something wrong!!

    First of all, when i clicked start bar it would pop up with all the programs and program files, but when i clicked on them to start some of them it didnt work, i couldn't even get into "computer" to see the "C" drive. i then saw that it had trouble finding a connection to the internet.
    It just kept showing that little circle thing twirling around, when i right clicked on it and clicked on go to network and sharing center it would bring up the control panel but would freeze and didnt respond, then i clciked on trouble shoot network problems and it said something was restricted BLAH BLAH BLAH
    I then got into task manager and clicked on show processes for all users and it then stopped responding, this is when i turned my PC off again cause it was getting on my nerves. i did some other things but ill explain it to you if u cant find out whats going wrong.

    by the way sorry if u cant understand what i am typing, my English is not very good, ask me to explain it to u again if u cant understand

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