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By hellokitty[hk]
Mar 25, 2009
  1. I have a yahoo widget that has a CPU usage graph, a RAM usage graph, and a network I/O graph with numbers. Is there another app like my System monitor that doesn't need to start the whole yahoo widgets engine to run? Heres a screenie, the teal stripe is my IP:
    The widget has been very useful, but starting up the yahoo widgets engine every login is slowing my computer down a bit.
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    download mike lin's startup editor to stop programs from autoloading.

    spybot also has this tool as well as glarysoft registry repair. (all free)

    read the how to speed up windows guide in the guides forum
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    Oh silly me, I even have rainlendar XD,

    I just cleaned my startup two days ago and thats when I remembered that I'm still starting up my yahoo widgets engine. Its not a problem with my startup or anything, its just more efficient to use a simple stand alone program instead of starting up the yahoo widgets engine.
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