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Oct 6, 2008
  1. well i downloaded a program off a trusted website and i ran it a i got a system33.exe wood u like to unblock and also a system change to startup called riotbot.
    looked up system33.exe and its a virsu but my antivirus carnt pick up anything
    any help how to get rid of system33.exe and riotbot thing?
  2. DjKraid

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    What anti viru do u have?

    when i clean up computers I first scan with the existing anti vir -> download avg & malware bytes & spybot & adaware -> disconnect network -> reboot -> scan again with existing antivir -> uninstall existing anti vir -> install avg & malware bytes -> connect network so they can uppdate -> disconnect again -> scan with avg and malware bytes -> reboot -> scan again -> uninstall malware bytes -> install spybot -> scan with it -> reboot -> scan again -> install adaware -> scan with it -> reboot -> scan again -> uninstall avg & adaware -> install old anti vir -> scan again with spy bot and old anti vir.....

    it takes some time but it works...
  3. kimsland

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  4. Frac

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    dw i ran a deep scan on my comp and it picked it up and deleted it
    im using Bit defender
  5. kimsland

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    Well that's one step off the guide done
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