Tablet: M-150 OD | APPLE ICONS + MARKET + SL + 3G + BT + RR-MOD TZ1113C | 12/4/10

By tipstir
Dec 5, 2010
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    What's New!
    I've tested this myself so the images above are what I get!
    Build on my own OEM WMT2.1.1_105 ROM from Maylong for M150A12
    Added Apple Icons with Icon Size Change (SOFTWARE)
    Added WiFi Boosted (HARDWARE)
    Added Battery Boosted (HARDWARE)
    Added WiFi and Battery Triple Boost (HARDWARE)
    Added Camera Enabled (HARDWARE)
    Added Market Works (SOFTWARE)
    Added Gmail Works (SOFTWARE)
    Added Camera (HARDWARE)
    Added Modified Slide Lock with Manual Background Changer Feature to replace the boring gray Android status lock (SOFTWARE)
    Added Browser HOST for Adware/Malware/Spyware Protection (SOFTWARE)
    Added SuperUser (SOFTWARE)

    What you need to do first!
    Calibrate Your Touch Screen
    Setup WiFi to Join your Network
    Setup Market with your gmail account or Create an account
    Setup Gmail
    Maps Needs to be Downloaded off Market

    Recommended use ZONE MESSAGE CENTER DOWNLOADS POWER 101 PACKAGE to update SuperUser, etc and to configure SlideLock feature if you want that option too.
    Power 101 for SuperUsersPermissions, Google Maps is in that package also. Updater for Market also

    Things to watch out for
    Not added SetCPU, but you should get 350MHz out this ROM by default after my extra OD tweaks
    SetCPU is on my todo list

    Download: m150_OD_Tz1113c_script.7z
    Created on 12/4/10 @ 6:52PM by tipstir
  2. virgo75

    virgo75 TS Rookie

    help to install rom zt-180

    hello you could write a guide on how to do this update? thanks
  3. tipstir

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