HoneyComb V7.0.1 for Epad/M150 WMT2.0_105 & WMT2.1.1_105 2/18/11

By tipstir
Feb 23, 2011
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    HoneyComb is based on the Android OS 3.0, 2.2 and 2.1 for Android OS 1.6. I've made it some additional changes to the line-up this time. This theme is Black/Blue/HoneyComb it supports additional graphics not found in Black Edition. This Series is built from SGS but unlike that series this one is not limited it's Full Blown!

    This ROM support Fonts for Thai, Hebrew and Arabic also. For those members who always requested those fonts now you have it this version. Installation is all new, I've made it stream-line process so it will go faster than prior builds from me. The only delay is after you remove the MicroSDHC and turn the tablet back on.

    This delay is because of the settings, installation of applications and new launcher built-in which I've designed and made for this theme. Icons are based on the latest icons packs from Android are used for the main icons. This package is not like my prior packages this is the full version everything is working, nothing is disabled.

    For those of you who needs Calendar, Contacts, Camera, 3G, ADSL, Bluetooth, GSensor an etc.. Are active but yet not using a lot of memory. Also included are some applications rooted ones also. Full Google Experience is included: Market, Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Streets, Google Gmail. Google Browser (adware, malware, spyware, animalware blockers are updated and current) Also included is a new China Made (In English Cloud Base Browser) Really Fast, but it's not the default browser.

    Do run your CM3 benchmark prior to turning on WiFi and report your scores here in this thread.

    Now remember this ROM is for those who have EPAD or Maylong with 256MB Green LED Power On Lite. It's not for APAD, MID EKEN or anything else! It's not for any other build except WMT2.0_105 or WMT2.1.1_105 only. If you try to use it with other builds it won't work or other tablets not mention here. AGAIN IF YOU DO IT'S ON YOU AND NOT ME IF YOU BRICK OR DAMAGE YOUR TABLET, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LISTEN.

    High Performance: HC (Download Here)

    Home Screen

    Dock Box

    Download and unzip the file to your PC
    Copy Script folder to your MicroSDHC Card root
    Make sure power is going through the device doing the Image Update
    Do Not remove power or try to turn off your tablet during the Image Update
    Wait for being prompted to remove the MicroSDHC card
    Rename the script folder to new_script or remove it
    Wait for your tablet to turn off
    Now turn it back on
    Once the Slide Locker appears, you have to press Power then Home/Back Button 2x
    Then slide to the right to unlock your screen
    Select Menu
    Select Settings
    Select Sound & display
    Select Screen timeout
    Next the change the screen time out from 1 minute to 10 minutes
    Select Suspend timeout
    Next change the suspend timeout from 30 seconds to 15 minutes
    Back out
    Select Date & Time
    Make your changes
    Back out
    Select Locale & Text
    Select your Locale
    Back out
    Select Wireless
    Select turn on Wireless
    Make your changes
    You may see RSS (orange) and Blue Radar for WiFi appear on your task bar
    Select your Dock Box
    Select Market and setup that up now
    After you finish with Market
    Select CacheMate and Run that to clear out any leftovers from Image Update.

    On your home screen you'll see 3 icons (Contacts, Browser, Maps) If you press anyway on the screen you can open Widgets. I recommend CacheMate, ES Task Manager. WiFi Widget has been replaced by WiFi Buddy which gives you VPN controls and there is one Setting in WiFi Buddy you should enable to Never. Under Preferences Select Wi-Fi Sleep Policy change that to Never.

    If you have questions? Feel free to post them here. This ROM was full tested by me and it's in working order.

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