Taking my first steps at computer building

By AzureOctive
Apr 15, 2008
  1. ... and I would like to know what sets motherboards apart from each other? Obviously the ram expansion capabilities, having a 16x pci card slot... but what else? Shouldn't they be pretty much identical?

    Is there such a thing as a good 'beginner' board to work on? something really durable so if I make a mistake it could tell me?
  2. Matthew

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    No, they shouldn't be pretty much identical. That's comparable to suggesting that all car models should be pretty much identical because they have tires.

    There is a great variety in motherboards, most of which you shouldn't concern yourself with. Purchase your new motherboard based on chipset. If you do that, you're almost guaranteed to get any features/expansion slots that you need.

    There really isn't a "beginners" board out there that I'm aware of. Really, there isn't much to assembling a PC. If you can build a castle with Legos or Mega Blocks, I can almost guarantee that you'd be able to assemble a PC. It's slightly more complicated in the sense that there is more to know and more risk involved, but, if you take your time and cross check the moves you're making you can't really mess up.

    The people that fail at assembling their PCs are those whom are impatient and dive in hoping for the best, or, are stubborn and think they can pull it off without any assistance.

    What is your budget for this new system and what are you looking to do with it?
  3. AzureOctive

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    well hopefully I'm just going to replace the processor, ram and motherboard that I think I blew out. The hard drive and the power supply should be fine. I have a 550 watt supply and a nice western digital hard drive that I will be re-using from my ****ty system.

    So I'm bugeting 300 dollars to get myself back up and running. I also plan on going to a computer part store in town to get my system back up... I know I'm going to be over-paying for parts...

    The only thing that concerns me is that the motherboards I've seen also come packaged with a CD for drivers... what's this all about?
  4. Matthew

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    ..The motherboard is essentially a giant bus system with devices integrated. Your operating system will need drivers for those devices in order to "speak" with them (as with any hardware device).
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