Tales from the toolroom - Windows updates

By AlbertLionheart
Nov 19, 2009
  1. For many of us the windows update process is one we allow to run unhindered, and I am by and large content to let it happen providing the process does not intrude into my occasionally frantic workload.
    I was a bit surprised to find the PC had suddenly gone snail-like and apps would not respond properly, gradually getting worse until a message telling me I had run out of memory popped up. A quick scrute at the task manager showed that that ghastly program I love to hate called ACT! had grabbed all the memory and was not letting go of it. I restarted and watched the PF usage graph go up a notch every 30 secs or so until it all stopped with a memory shortage message again.
    The ACT! program itself had not had an update (it appears they don't do updates if there is a new edition available - that's fine if you have the new OS to go with it but not so hot if not) so I had a shufti at the windows updates history and found an update for SQL server had been applied at the last shutdown. So I restored the thing back to before the update and everything started working as normal - well nearly everything as ACT! now occasionally fails to load the contact database properly.
    Moral - don't use ACT! as contact management software and don't assume that just because it comes from Microsoft it is going to work properly!
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