Tap-to-click touchpad issue, existing forums no longer helping

By Kenz
Sep 4, 2011
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  1. This is a good example of how extremely annoying this problem is.. I just typed out my entire question, went to backspace on a word, and my mouse clicked elsewhere, and backed me up to the previous page. I'm furious >.<

    Tap to click is driving me crazy, because my touchpad is so sensitive that while I'm typing my wrists set it off. I don't have an external mouse, so all I want disabled is the tap to click itself.

    I have been reading forums all day trying to find a fix to my problem. At first, I did not have "Device settings" tab available on my touchpad properties. I was told to install a driver, which then provided that tab. I was told within that tab to click on settings, and there would be a click box to uncheck. There isn't. All I can change is what the two click buttons do. It says nothing about the touchpad itself. Anyone understand this? I would really appreciate the help. I'm getting frustrated >.<
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