Task manager has been disabled...

  1. Hi all. Im having some troubles. One of my HDD is blank, and by that i mean if i go start>my computer>samsungHDD(C:) the folder is empty! My documents is empty, my pictyres,favorites,no desktop icons or background picture,etc... i can not use anything!
    If i go start>control panel>administrative tools, nothing! If i try and open the TASK MANAGER i get the message"task manager disabled by administrator".?
    I am able to access my older HDD and use it for now but have noticed IE8 is behaving like its full of viruses/spyware, im constantly being redirected!
    Im currently going to update and run all my AV software and try system restore? Any other advise guys?
  2. Tmagic650

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    You probably have a serious spyware or malware infection. My advice would be to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows fresh. You could post a message here:
    Virus & Malware Removal and see if they can salvage your computer without having to format

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