TDK Keeps Ejecting CD After Light Flashes 3 Times

By smelser7
Sep 12, 2008
  1. My TDK CD Burner Keeps Ejecting The CD As Soon As I Put It In. The Light Will Flash 3 Times Then The Cd Ejects.If There Is No CD In The Then The Door Will Stay Closed But If I Put A CD In It Ejects & The Door Stays Open. Take The Cd Out & It Closes & Stays Closed. Why Is This Saying I Edited This At 1:37 AM When It Is 9:40 PM?
  2. Route44

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    How old is your Burner? Does this happen with all CDs?
  3. smelser7

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    TDK Burner

    This Burner Is About 6 Or 7 Years Old, I Never Had Any Problem With It Until My Dog Knocked My PC On Its Side The Other Day. Now This Happens With Every Cd I Put In.I Thought Maybe This Is Something That People Have Come Across Before And There Is An Easy Fix. ( Besides Getting A New Burner )
    Thanks For Your Reply
  4. Route44

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    If you got 6-7 years out of your burner you are very fortunate. 5 years is the average though there are those that can tell you that they've gotten more years than you report.

    Personally I think it is time for a new burner. It may cost more to fix -- if it is able to be fixed. Burners are cheap.

    You could try the following:

    1. Make sure it is connected properly.

    2. Physically uninstall and then reinstall.

    3. Update firmware.

    But, again, it probably is time to get a new one. Considering its age you'll need to look for an IDE burner as opposed to a SATA.
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