Technology choices for my future?

  1. Hello! I am a high school senior and I am planning on heading to college this fall, and I was hoping to get some advice on what systems to go with. I apologize in advance for the rather lengthy explanation, but I really would like to get nice accurate answers out of this. So here we go with some details:

    1. I know a lot about computers (particularly windows machines). I grew up on them, used them for games, for music, for pretty much everything. I even built the computer I’m on right now, a gaming desktop. (Though I don’t play much anymore. More on that later.)

    2. The program I am wanting to go into at college requires a MacBook Pro. This is for the one specific program however. If I don’t go into it, I may not need that specific of a computer.

    3. I have experience with Apple products in the past, some good and some bad. The two main problems I have are that some random songs won’t play on them (which isn’t too big of a deal to me) but also the price.

    So my questions are…

    1. For a student about to go into college (let’s say that all computer restrictions are gone and any machine works), what laptop/other system would you recommend?

    2. Now let’s say that I do need to get a MacBook. I’ve seen how well Apple products integrate with each other. Would it make sense for me to build up my technological arsenal in the Apple area? (Keep in mind that I have been on Android/Windows my entire life).

    3. If I had to get a MacBook for college, would it make any sense for me to keep other products out of the Apple arena?

    Some other quick things….I don’t currently play video games, but I may lightly take the hobby up in the future. Also, I plan on going into the fields of Musical Composition and Virtual Technology and Design. My software for Composition is Sibelius, and I’m not sure how much of an improvement an apple machine would be for it (though I’m told people wanting to do stuff with music and whatnot are always better off with an Apple machine…)

    So based on the information are the options I was considering for myself. If a MacBook is not required, then I could just get some sort of laptop/machine (again, I’m depending on your advice), and something like a Nexus 6P for a phone (again, advice is welcome!) If it is required, I could get a MacBook, and start a contract on a 6S (man, it’s expensive though...that’s the only hard part, plus I’m not sure how upgrades or anything like that works, as I’ve never been on a contract…) Or, if it’s required, I could get that, and then stick with a Windows Desktop for everything else, and an Android phone of some sort. The jobs that I may have in the future are: Musical Composer, Video Game Creator, Media Special Effects Producer, or a simple Music Educator.

    I thank you in advance for the time you took to read this and your responses! :)
  2. jobeard

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    TS is heavily PC biased and only a handful of Apple-Heads. I've been agnostic on platforms as other than Android, I've got'm all (still). Networking them is a good exercise but worth the effort IMO. You can d-n-d anything to anyother as a form of backup-replication.

    BTW: OSX 10.* has a foundation of FreeBSD Linux and if you user the Terminal App, you drop into command line mode and you can learn alot in that environment. Removing the GUI forces you to see & understand much more.

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