TechSpot Giveaway: 27-inch monitor, iPad, GTX 460??


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i want an iPad that's why i voted for it

but i do not have the money to buy it... just trying out my luck


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It would be nice to win something for once. I know my chance of winning against all the other contestants are very slim, but it doesn't hurt to try. I have always been wanting an Ipad for so long, but could never afford such a luxurious item. I sure do hope luck will come my way. Thanks!


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hallo everyone, voted for the cpu mobo upgrade since I have almost changed everything from my 2007 system except for these...A laptop would be nice but an upgraded desktop is better!nice contest


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SSD all the way, mainly because its one of those upgrades that would be amazing to have but never really think about doing myself. Keep up the awesome reporting Techspot!
@ bangs777
i think a gtx 460 is a good choice ,with this card you can see a big improvement
but i bought a gtx 460 last july and i choose an ssd !!


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Voted for the IPad because if I won it my wife would be much happier. Not because we won an iPad but because I would finally stop bugging her about us buying one. Plus out of all the devices I currently have I mess around on my iPod the most so I would get some serious use out of an iPad.


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My motherboard just took a crap on me, so I'm in for the cpu/ram/motherboard combo. It happened right when I'm saving up for a trip to see my family 1300miles away, so it would be a godsend to win. Good luck everyone


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Tough choice on what to vote on. I already have a laptop, so that was easy. The iPad? I dunno, if everybody else jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?(that's how i feel about the iPad) I use a projector for a monitor so the 27" screen was out. As for the hardware, I have no use for either GeForce or the cpu combo. That just leaves a laptop case which i already have and 2 choices of storage.

I chose the 2TB HDD because i have a large collection of cd's and dvd's that i'd like to store in a small package.



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Wonderful idea! Voted for the 27" monitor. Great size, ton of desktop space to work with, great idea for a giveaway!


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Great site

I have seen this site for quite awhile when downloading a program. Never paid much attention. Now it's a favorite bookmark.


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i voted for ipad. sure is a great piece of work. thank you techspot, i have been a fan of this site since i stumble on it. i make sure i never miss reading review when im on the net.

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