TechSpot Giveaway: Win an Acer Timeline 14" Laptop

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Posts: 13   +0 is such an elegant website with beautiful and concise design.
But why there is only 300+ comments for this sweepstake?
I would expect much more people browsing here than than.
Well it seems I'm a bit late to enter, but if the contest has not ended just yet... Here I am! I am interested in joining. The power outage on the east coast this last week killed two of our computers in the house including my $2100 rig, so I am up a creek and this machine would be a life saver for me and my fledgling computer repair business.

Julio Franco

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The contest is officially over. We will be announcing a giveaway winner over the next few days.
Thank you everyone for participating.


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It doesn't matter who wins as long as you continue doing these kind of contests. And i will try to participate with as many post as i can every time.
I want to take part in this competition.
An Acer laptop is so attractive, and it's what I need now to improve my project's speed.
I'll try hard and hope to become a winner.
count me in to this offer i dont own a computer and and i wish i could jsut afford one but i cant but maybe i can win one please count me this would be realy cool


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I am very new to be here. I have been seeking for a laptop to support my school work, as I cannot manage to get one when I need to take charge of my old mom. Please God helps me to bring a laptop to me.
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