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By ingeborgdot
Jan 9, 2011
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  1. On a new build I have an air cooler ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2. I have an OC of 3.6 on a Phenom 1090. Not much but still an OC. I have several different things to check temp and all of them are saying 36 degrees at idle. They are also measuring all 6 cores and all of those say between 26-27. Is this a good idle temp or should it be less than this?
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    These are very good Idle temps. I have a phenom II X3 720 OC'd to 3.8 and it runs at around 42-45c load. That is a higher overclock though and I' cranked up the vcore to get as much out of it as I could. You don't need to worry about temperature if it is under 50C. It's been my experience that you can run a CPU at 65C max without killing it. After 50C it really is your choice if you want to take the risk. You have a very good heatsink, though. You have lots of overclocking headroom if your CPU will hold up.
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    If your idle temps are 26-27C that's excellent, however if it's 36C then that's a bit higher than I like to idle ... at least for an everyday overclock (won't hurt it). More important is your load temperature, prefer to stay in the range of 50C under full load ... as yRaz stated you can push it higher but your risk increases.

    I run my Phenom II 965BE at 4Ghz using a Corsair H50 cooler, idles between 26~28C and low to mid 30's for typical activities. Under load (gaming) stays comfortably under 50C depending on ambient temperature. Max stable overclock is 4.2Ghz which requires 1.55 vcore with temps up to and just over 60C ... only do this for benchmarks and not for long.

    Use a combination CPU multiplier and FSB overclock which seems to work best for me - settings attached and cpu-z validattion here.

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